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Happy Mothers Day
Happy Mothers Day 2019

If there is one day that should and is respected all over the world it has to be mother’s day. We really don’t have to say or explain why the mother’s day is so special. Our mothers do a lot for us, single or otherwise we know that there are a lot of responsibilities on our parents are most of the time our mothers are the ones that stay at home and take care of us when we can’t even comprehend the dangers of the world.

Just like all the other big ones, there is a lot of history behind them. There is always one person that makes the wheel turn. So, today we thought that we should look at the history and people behind the holiday and how over the years it has changed through the generations. So today we are we will be diving down in the past and look for the most important parts that shaped the holiday we know now.

Therefore, here is a small summarized history of mother’s day.

Mother’s Day 2019:

History Of Mothers Day

Mother’s day 2019? Yeah, we thought that we should discuss a bit about the modern version of the holiday so it is a little easier to compare the two and see why it might’ve went down a road that the initiator of the day would not have approved.

Really, that happens at times. Usually, the visionary has a set image in mind. And while that may be a very noble one it is not one that can be shared by all. Especially, if companies and business owners see a way to gain profit from the whole ordeal. And one can imagine, seeing the mother’s day we celebrate in 2019, which it happened quite fast.

Furthermore, today, mother’s day is more about the gifts, flowers and material ways to show how much you love your mother. We might not see it that way mother’s day 2019 won’t be complete with hundreds of ads for flowers, chocolates and online stores with mother’s day themes. To be fair, people want to spend money on their mothers. We understand that they feel happy, and it isn’t forced in any way but it wasn’t what the holiday was intended as in the first place. Perhaps it transformed into a more jolly of a holiday and you guys can decide that. But it is pretty clear that it really did go the commercial route.

Thus, what was the holiday meant to be and how was the person that had this image.

History of Mothers Day:

Every holiday has its humble beginnings. Whether it be a religious one or one that celebrates the best of humanity like mother’s day, there is always that one person that sees or desires to express their feelings in a new yet appropriate way. And mother’s day is no different. In essence, all mother’s day was a token of appreciation from a daughter to her hardworking, kind and ever so loving mother. So, how about we dive more into the history behind the modern mother’s day 2019.

History Of Mothers Day

When First Mother’s Day Was Celebrated ?

Here is the history of mother’s day, the holiday of mother’s day was first celebrated in 1908. The person behind it whole was Anna Jarvis. The whole idea for reserving a day in the honor of one’s own mother as Jarvis held a memorial of sorts for her mother at St Andrew’s Methodist church in Grafton West Virginia. And it was there where it all began, her efforts go all the way back to 1905. That was, in fact, the year Ann lost her mother.

A bit of info on the person that made it all possible as Anna Jarvis wasn’t an ordinary individual. She had been a peace activist in the American civil war. And she was one who cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the war. Her though behind the creation of the day wasto offer something special to, and we quote, “The person who has done more for you than anyone in the world.”

So with an ideal like that one can see why our new mother’s day might be a bit contrasting to the history of mother’s day as it was more about the celebration of what it meant to be a mother. Whereas now we see it more as akin to a birthday. Even Anna, when she saw the holiday transforming in the latter half of her life, wasn’t happy with all the commercial influence the holiday had been receiving.

Commercialization Of the Day

By the early 1920, the holiday was commercialized to a level that Ann did not see fit. Hallmark Cards and many other companies started making happy mother’s day cards. What she saw was manipulation of peoples love for their mothers into buying a piece of card that was just not necessary. This made her resentful, she believed that her pure ideals were being exploited. To her, the holiday was and always should’ve been about the sentiment not the profit nor any material objects.

She tried what she could, organizing boycotts and even threatened to issue lawsuits against all the companies’involved.

Anna Jarvis’s Thoughts on Mother’s Day:

Hence in a way, we can say that the history of mother’s day has been somewhat bumpy. And while we understand the thought process that went on in Anna Jarvis’ head it was an unavoidable that mother’s day would have some aspect to it that would allow people to make a profit off of it. That is just that way our world works and it was a bit impractical of her to think of that so. However, seeing that is was, in fact, her plan to honor mothers and seeing as what kind of a bond she shared with her mother it is not a mystery why she felt so strongly that this holiday or rather a day or appreciation would be focused on the emotion.

And there you have it, a short history of mother’s day. Sure it didn’t turn out as the way Jarvis had envisioned in her head but we are still quite thankful of her that she gave us a way to thank one of the most import individuals in our lives. So she can rest easy knowing that how many people feel blessed to have a day where they can make it all about their mothers.

Happy Mothers Day:

Happy Mothers Day

Happy mother’s day indeed. Mothers are among the most caring individuals on the planet. The bond we share with our mothers is a blessing and most of us realize that way later on in life when we have to face the music all alone. We all crave the day we get to be an adult and not have to deal with our annoying parents and nagging mothers, right? Well, the funny thing is once we do get in touch with the real world we take it all back.  The professional life, the outside world and all the responsibilities of being an adult suck hard. Now that we know how hard it is to be an adult a happy mother’s day indeed mate.

Seeing that we now know more about the history of mother’s day we do hope that it further amplified your respect for the day and the feelings behind its origin. So, a happy mother’s day to any and all that are reading this at the moment. And even though it wasn’t part of the initial plan, there is nothing wrong in getting your mother some nice flowers.

When Is Mother’s Day?

Since, you don’t know when the upcoming mother’s day is? Well, not an issue. We have been going into quite the details when it came to mother’s day’s history. How it was shaped into the mother’s day 2019 we know of and the years prior. So, when is mother’s day you ask? Here is when mother’s day 2019 is going to be. You know she deserves that so why not? Here is the day and date you really need to be free on. Here is when 2019 mother’s day is gonna happen.

When Is Mothers Day

You know she deserves that so why not? Here is the day and date you really need to be free on. Here is when 2019 mother’s day is gonna happen.

Sunday, 12 May Mother’s Day 2019 in the United States of America

You know that your parents don’t care about the level of fancy or money you have. All they really want is your time and attention and that is something that you can give them quite easily. So, this year be a nice son/daughter and make it all about your parents.

Dates around the World:

For all the people that are looking for more dates for other cities/countries, we will be discussing that right here. You might be surprised however that there are not a lot of different dates. Almost all of the world shares mother’s day. So it’ll be pretty much the same.

Dates Around the World

Dates around the world for mother’s day are rather similar. There might be a few odd ones out but for this year mother’s day, 2019 is definitely on the 12th of May.  So you don’t really need a lot of dates, one will do good just fine. However, if there are some people that would like to know all the days and dates of future mother’s days here are the other dates around the world of upcoming mother’s days.

  • Mother’s Day In 2020, May 10, 2020, Sunday.
  • Mother’s Day 2021, May 9, 2021, Sunday.
  • Happy Mother’s Day 2022, May 8, 2022, Sunday.
  • Mother’s Day 2023, May 14, 2023, Sunday.
  • Mother’s Day 2024, May 12, 2024, Sunday.

Those were the dates around the world, and as we have stated you might see a slight difference if you are from the Middle East. However, if you belong to anyother part of the globe you will have mother’s day on these set dates. 


Well, that was a short history and look into the mother’s day and how it came to be what we know of today. While we do respect and admire the vision of Anna Jarvis, it was not going to be shared by a lot of individuals and even so we still do not see it as a bad thing. Sure that it has been more and more commercially influenced in the past few years but no one is forcing you to go that route. Especially not your mother. Mother’s day has been and always will be about giving back to someone that has always been there for you and given you everything that they could’ve. It is about giving back some of the love that your mother has kept showering you with since you were a child and even to this day she does.

With that said, we hope that his was a pleasant experience for all of you. And perhaps some of you learned something new. Remember to keep respect in your hearts for your parents and show them love as often as you can. We will see you guys next time, till then happy mother’s day to all.

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