Mother’s Day Events

Mother’s Day for most of us is a very happening day that we all celebrate with our heart and soul. On this day we all tend to thank our mothers for all the love, affection, and sacrifices in order to nurture us. She is the soul of the family. She loves her children even before they came into this world. A mother starts looking after her children and family when she is carrying her baby in her womb. She gathers herself to face the transition, growth and profound beginnings. Some of us choose to celebrate Mother’s Day with elegance yet simplicity, and some of us decide to take part in Mother’s Day event and make it memorable.

Not every country has events on this day, even if there are events they are private events with an intimate gathering celebrating their mothers and other motherly figures in their life. Contrary to this, there are some places where events on a large scale take place, and people happily participate in those happenings. It’s fun to be surrounded by people cheering for the same thing and believe in the same thing as you do.

mothers day events


Mother’s Day events can be witnessed around the world, and some are worth participating in. When we read these Mother’s Day Events in the USA, we have a picture of some significant fun events happening around us. These Mother’s Day Events give us an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with our mothers apart from our usual dull routine. However, this enables us to make memories and strengthen bonds with the most outstanding personality of our lives. There are several Mother’s Day Events which we wouldn’t want to miss to be a part of. Thus, these events are spread throughout the USA which are listed below:

Take a Mother’s Day Brunch Cruise:

Choose a sail on Mother’s Day with champagne brunch cruise or supper cruise with your mother. They are a little heavy on the pocket, but we are sure that you have saved some amount for this auspicious day. Especially, the scenic view coupled with a cozy boat ride will make this day an unforgettable one.

Mothers day events

There is nothing more emotionally connecting than watching a live theatre with your loved ones. On this Mother’s Day, select your mother’s favorite genre of a play and let her enjoy the superb performance in your presence. Moreover, this doesn’t have to be a burden on your pocket necessarily. It can be one of the cheap thrills that your mother had on her to-do list.


It will be the best day for your mother if you take her on a romantic date with you. Opt for a fancy restaurant, one of your mother’s favorite, dress in your best clothes and take your mother on a romantic dinner date. She will be happiest on this day, and you can witness her eyes sparkle with happiness. You can have a heart to heart conversation with her, and pour out your emotions that you have never expressed to her. Moreover, she deserves such royal treatment, as she is the one because of whom you are who you are.


Enjoy the warm rays and the scent of fresh blooms in the Queen Botanical garden. This place hosts a picnic style brunch for mothers and their children. They also have some assortments of goodies like omelets, bacon, bagels, and muffins. In addition, you can also visit the living museum and its display of lush greenery and beautiful blooms.


Mother’s Day Events in Chicago offers different events for all sorts of people. There are all kinds of events indoor, outdoor, adventurous, etc. It caters people with different likings and tastes, and no one is left disappointed.

Beverley Breast Cancer Walk

Beverley Breast Cancer Walk

Furthermore, there is an event called Beverley Breast Cancer Walk which takes place every year on Mother’s Day in Chicago. It is an event of great importance and to further understand about this walk; let’s see some more details about it: This walks place on every 13th of May on Mother’s Day. This walk is beneficial for the Cancer Center, the Comprehensive Breast Health Center and the radiology department at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park. The number of people increases every year in favor of this walk. Also, the organizers hope for the collection of more than $55000 which was the number of 2018 fund collection. The 3-mile Beverley Breast Cancer walk begins at Ridge Park at 8 a.m. on Sunday, May 13. Beverley Breast Cancer Walk’s route ends at Ridge Park.

Beverley Breast Cancer Walk

Further, it heads south on Longwood drive until 107th street, turn west until Hoyne Avenue, go back north to 105th Street, where it will turn onto Hamilton Avenue until 103rd Street. The route then turns around to Seeley Avenue until 97th Street and the walk will finish by heading east for a block before the park. For all those enthusiasts who want to walk this Beverley Breast Cancer walk but are unable to either because of their age or any disability, a trolley will be provided to have them as a part of this walk. Moreover, the benefit of Beverley Breast walk is numerous. However, the major one is the collection of funds for breast cancer patients.

Beverley Breast Cancer Walk

Money gathered from these funds will allow the treatment of those who can’t afford such a hefty amount for their cure. We can’t leave our fellow mother’s to suffer from this curse alone. We have their back. Additionally, t-shirts that could be purchased online for the walk.


Among many other Mother’ Day Events in Texas there are two main ones



COMICPALOOZA is a large event held annually in the southern part of US Houston, Texas. The first event took place on July 19, 2008. The venue for this event was the lobby of the Alamo Draft house Cinema located in Houston. It also matched with the release of the movie The Dark Knight. Moreover, there were a handful of tables and comic artists with their quality work. Comicpalooza then is held every year since 2008. Also, the event is designed accordingly with different themes and special guests making the Mother’s Day Event, Comicpalooza a rich one. Different genres such as sci-fiction, comics, anime, gaming, and pop-culture convention are displayed here at this event. Likewise, in one of the years, the Texas Lego users group presented logo items which were never seen before.

Comicpalooza Theme:


The themes that were followed in different years are zombie theme and anime component for the first time. Some of the very famous guests on this events were Kate Beckinsale, Lou Ferrigno, The Boondocks Saints’ stars Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flannery, David Della Rocco, Clifton Collins Jr., and Brian Mahoney. As well as, others included Ric Flair, Eliza Dushku, Kel Mitchell, Dead 7’s Chris Kirkpatrick, A.J. McLean, Jeff Timmons, Eric-Michael Estrada. Also featured were Charlie Hunnam, Lennie James, Dominic Cooper, Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell, and Dino Cazares, Star Wars, etc. All these famous names light up the event with their presence. Comicpalooza has also tried to capture the attention of Japanese comic artists, manga, video games and cosplay. A Japanese street fashion was also introduced to bring more participants of related genres and likings.

In addition, Comicpalooza also comprises of a film and literature festival, tabletop gaming, maker’s space, podcasting, live entertainment, making it exciting and likable for each one of us. It has something for everyone in the store.

Whom to accompany with to this fun event:

We can also take our families including our mothers to this fun event, and let her enjoy this tech-event and another side of the world. However, Mothers usually stay away from such circumstances, but while being with their children, they can enjoy this crazy Comicpalooza.



If you are a fan of live music festivals, then you would be aware of the names like Coachella or Glastonbury. While having celebrations on such a large scale, it gets difficult for new festivals to make their place in the market and as well as among people. However, KAABOO festival is gaining momentum, and with each passing year has an exciting and appealing line –up being announced by the producers. Bryan Gordon is the investment-manager, venture capitalist and the brain kid of KAABOO. In addition, he has shared his idea about the festival that, “architecting their model in the live event and overcoming the pre-conceived notions of how it is done.”


Gordon believes that with dropping the price of technology in its characteristics,because there are several ways of improvement which can provide better means of giving opportunities to people to enjoy fun festivals. KAABOO offers healthy food, hilarious comedy pieces, art and most of all music. Also, more than just being a music festival, it gives a platform to families where they can enjoy their heart out. It wouldn’t be wrong to place this event under the umbrella of Mother’s Day event since it is held near to the Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Events in Washington

The German festival of Maifest has been a tradition in Hermann Missouri for many years. The streets are filled with dancing and music and food as travelers from all over visit our beautiful town. The main reason for the Maifest celebration is to welcome spring and hope for a bountiful harvest.


Maifest is an event that falls close to Mother’s Day in Washington. The history of Maifest has its roots laid in Germany. People on the arrival of spring used to celebrate this festival in order to welcome spring. They would gather together and plant flowers, play music and games, raise a “maypole.” Moreover, this maipole is a pole decorated with flowers, sausages, cakes, ribbons, and confetti, and villagers were of that thought that dancing around it would bring good luck and wealth to the village.


In Washington, people celebrate Maifest with Live German Music, The Maibaum Dance and other traditional German dances, Chainsaw carvings, a mini Maipole raising, and our Bavarian inspired “Festzug” (or Bavarian march) which starts at afternoon. Therefore, Maifest is for all the family members, so take your mother’s and enjoy Maifest as a Mother’s Day Event on an exceptional weekend. Maifest is a domestic sort of an event. It brings all the ladies and gentlemen together who are filled with enthusiasm to celebrate the arrival of spring. Also, our mother’s love such festivals, and when Maifest kind of celebrations are liked with Mother’s Day Events their excitement reaches to another level.



To conclude, mothers when taken to such Mother’s Day Events, they feel like free birds in the sky. They are free from all kinds of worries, tensions, and responsibilities. They have to enjoy to their fullest with their family. It is a treat to watch your mother dance, sing, smile and laugh with all her heart and soul. It is a moment which we all should cherish and keep in our memory. A woman who has sacrificed a lot of her dreams for the sake of her children’s betterment deserves all kind of love, blessings, and affection. She is the one who has shaped us into better human beings; without her, we would be lost souls. Our life would have always remained incomplete without her. She is the most integral part of our being. We cannot imagine our life without her.

Therefore, we should make efforts to arrange different kinds of events dedicated primarily to our mothers, so that they can have some time out of their routines and feel young again. This is not an impossible task. It requires minimum but sincere efforts which can lead to a successful Mother’s Day event for our precious mothers. Nonetheless, the least we could do for our mother is to make her feel special on Mother’s day by taking her to Mother’s Day events, and let her enjoy with other mothers of the society. Therefore, all the members of a community should gear up and design a Mother’s Day Event where our mothers can have the best and memorable time of their lives.

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